Emcify Brno

Realistic model of Brno created algorithmically based on publicly available data

Let’s play

Launch Minecraft

We play with Java version 1.19.2 so don’t forget to select the right version.



The server address is brno.emcify.cz and all you need is the original Minecraft account.



Walk around the whole Brno and surrounding nature, take a look at a specific building or build a farm on a town square – imagination is the limit.

How it works?

In short, the whole city is automatically generated. We use a database full of publicly available data and a few clever algorithms. Thanks to this, you can now learn something about Brno directly in Minecraft.

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We are a team of enthusiasts

We are a team of two friends who like to create with code. We believe that people learn the most by doing, which is also one of the principles of scouting education. We are both computer geeks, we both love nature and we both like to help people learn new things.

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