How it all started

The goal was to model the Faculty of Informatics of Masaryk University for the open days door during covid. The surroundings of the Faculty seemed a bit empty, so we decided to create a few buildings... and in the end it grew a bit more. During the hackathon #HackujBrno we added the whole city of Brno. With the support of data.Brno, we can now provide you with a publicly available server.

Who is Emcify

We are a team of two friends who like to create with code. We believe that people learn the most by doing, which is also one of the principles of scouting education. We are both computer geeks, we both love nature and we both like to help people learn new things.

Vojtěch Brůža

I currently study a Ph.D. at Faculty of Informatics, Masaryk University and I focus my research on designing and creating applications for education in collaborative virtual reality. After studying bioinformatics bachelor degree, I started to dive into generative design, VR, and computer graphics. Lately, I have been into indie games development and finding ways how to use computer games for education and collaboration. Apart from programming and educating myself, I am also a keen musician and I love to dance and do sports. I really enjoy creative activities such as generative design and music composition. I also learned a lot (e.g., about leadership) by working with young people at church and by being part of the scout movement.

Jonáš Rosecký

Hi, my name is Jonáš and I am a master's student in Visual Informatics at the Faculty of Informatics, Masaryk University. My area of expertise is web application development and I stumbled upon writing Minecraft plugins by accident while working on a project in the HCI (Human-Computer Interaction) laboratory. That was about a year ago and this new world mesmerized me. Apart from the information technology, I enjoy spending time in nature or with friends around a campfire. I might have gained this close relationship with nature from my experiences as a counselor in the nonprofit organization Duha AZ.

Articles about us

Česká Televize

Petrov nebo Špilberk vytvořený z digitálních kostek. Studenti postavili Brno v počítačové hře Minecraft. Dvojice studentů vytvořila věrnou kopii Brna ve hře Minecraft, jedné z nejpopulárnějších počítačových her všech dob. Projít nebo třeba přetvořit se dá velká část města, nahlédnout lze i do jeho podzemí.

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