Server rules

Please don't be a goofball. Treat others better than the way you want to be treated. <3

By using the services of the “Emcify Brno”, you agree with these rules and undertake to abide by them, both on the gaming Minecraft server and when communicating using other official channels of the project (mail, Discord, GitHub…). Breaking the rules can be punished, for example, by being banned from the server.

Treat others with respect.

There is no need to say or do things that make others feel bad or upset. Trolling, generally defined as provoking a person/situation to get a response, is also not allowed. This rule also includes a ban on attacking other players who do not have PvP enabled. Mocking or verbally assaulting other players is prohibited, especially any hateful behavior based on their sexual orientation, etnicity, race, etc.
On the server is strictly prohibited any form of bullying and spreading disinformation in order to harm the server or its players. Ironic, sarcastic or arrogant behavior, mystification of players or impersonation can also be punished.
Do not unnecessarily damage the server environment, especially buildings created by other players. This server is primarily intended for a Minecraft experience in the Brno environment, so please keep this environment pleasing.

Avoid offensive content.

Any vulgarity, especially when directed at others, is prohibited. Offensive skins, subject/mob names, minecraft structures, and player names (nick) are not permitted. For example, elements of Nazism, fascism, religion related insults, nudity, adult content, racism etc. are considered offensive.

Cheating is not tolerated.

Cheating in all forms is prohibited. Cheating is considered anything that gives an unfair advantage over other players. It is prohibited to use modes, cheats or hack clients that give such an advantage. Players may not connect with any unauthorized modifications installed, even if they would not use such modifications on the server. The server has the option to verify the existence of a hack client.
For example, it is prohibited to use autoclicker or double/triple click, including those integrated in the mouse. For example, X-Ray resourcepack for raw material search is also prohibited. Minimap and damage indicator are permitted. The use of alternative clients, such as Lunar Client, Badlion Client or LabyMod, is at their own risk. If the chat in MC is disabled, the player is acting at their own risk, and if errors occur due to the chat being disabled, they will be disregarded.

Keep the chat family-friendly.

Chat should be family-friendly. This means that some topics are not allowed in the chat. These include eg. sex, drugs and any other offensive topics. Please avoid conversations about these topics at the server on in any official channel.

Advertising is prohibited.

It is strictly prohibited to use the server to share any advertisement. As an advertisement is considered a link or YouTube channel name, links to a video, the name or IP address of another Minecraft server, a link to Discord, a link to the Twitch, website or Facebook of another project, etc. An exception to this rule applies only after consultation with members of the Emcify team, for example, for YouTubers mentioning their channel.

Do not spam others.

Spamming means flooding the chat with redundant messages. Do not do this. It is strictly prohibited to spam the chat with the same or similar re-sent messages, or excessive typing by Caps Lock and others.
This rule also applies to spamming commands that do not necessarily appear in the chat.

Do not misuse server errors.

Please do not misuse any bugs or server errors. If you find a bug on the server, we will be happy to have you report it on our GitHub.

Avoid using multiple accounts.

A player can have multiple accounts registered on the server and play for any of them, provided they don't have an active punishment on any account. If they have an active ban, the player is required to wait until the punishment expires or contact the Emcify team directly for unban. Otherwise, another account may be disabled. Please don't use alternative friends accounts/accounts to get more than you would normally get on a single account.